You may notice that we’re keeping our web site on the humorous side.

But while we’re having fun working, there is also a serious side.

We are very serious about providing our clients with excellent service.

So how is excellent service defined?

It starts with hiring high caliber personnel, providing proper training, and doing what is necessary to retain them. ECONO-KILL does that. We are very proud of our technicians who have been with us for many years and are capable and dedicated to doing quality work. That is the most important element of our service. And not only do they perform the technical aspects of their work  properly, but they also pay attention to matters such as being punctual for appointments, being careful and responsible, being friendly and courteous, and, in general, doing a great job catering to their clients. We have a great staff. Click here to read a letter from a customer.

Next, there is the program. That is what the technician does to keep your home free of pests. We are a service oriented company rather than a sales oriented company. That means no gimmicks. We do the maximum work in a responsible manner to minimize the chances of infestations.  Our Integrated Pest Management Program involves the technician inspecting, evaluating, and taking the appropriate steps to prevent insect activity. That may include using materials in various formulations inside and outside your home. We have found that the most effective interval of time for inspections and applications in Brevard is every other month. That allows us to use the most effective odorless products which affords maximum protection throughout the service period, leaving no unprotected gaps between services. There is nothing that approaches the results of our thorough, careful inside treatment and our complete outside perimeter treatment which we do each visit. As an alternative for those whose schedules cannot accommodate interior treatments, we offer a service which involves an initial inside and outside service followed up with bimonthly perimeter treatments. No other service from monthly to annually can match our “Leave No Stone Unturned” programs.

We back up our service with free, prompt extra service and a money-back guarantee.  We enjoy our work, and we take it seriously.