Let it be known to all who read this that I reserve the privilege of bragging rights.....

After calling every number in the book (who call themselves bug terminators) I am thankful I got in touch with you people; I had remembered seeing your well-established and firmly ensconced building/company on my way to and from my job at Wuesthoff Hospital when we lived down here before, some 10 years ago and thinking what a perfect name!

Now that we are permanently retired and buying a home here and in need of your services, all I can say is: “I picked the right one, baby!” to paraphrase the Ray Charles Pepsi commercial from a few years ago.

First off, you took the time to learn how to pronounce our name correctly. Hurray! You have no idea how many telemarketers I hang up on who don’t bother with this and how many ways they slaughter our name.

Second, you were prompt to return my call, and came quickly to discuss what was needed, a big plus.

Third and most important, you solved the problem quietly, most efficiently and thoroughly, for which I am grateful. Yes, we have seen the results in demises throughout the house, but still better is that neither of us has spotted one....one!! live critter and so I wanted to write and say thanks a mil and well done!

No wonder you don’t need to blow your own horn (advertise) with results like this!

Keep on being numero uno in my book and prosper long!


Titusville, Florida